Our table

My conception of the table

Take a well packed measure of fresh love, a good dose of availability mixed with a few grams of softness and calm.

Add a little firmness, look for a little good will, add dialogue, service menus, thanks well placed, giving of oneself without return.

In softness, let simmer long … in patience. Before presenting your dish, flambé it in joy and, if possible, in a big out pouring of generosity.

Complete with a little glass of humor and a lot of LOVE. And you will get a tasty combination of very high quality.

  • Your breakfast from 7.30am to 9am will consist of: bread, yoghurt, home made jams and brioche, fruit juice over a coffee, tea or chocolate.

  • Dinner is served for 19:30: In-house aperitif, starter, main course, cheese from the region, and dessert.

  • A picnic basket can be proposed (to be ordered the day before). 

  • We offer a wide choice of drinks to consume in the garden or during the meal.

Some examples of menus:

Country sausage plate
Mice of lamb and its tourtons
Cheese country – Jausiero pie

Salted pie and salad
Coq au vin and its rice
Country cheese – Chocolate cake

Country sausage platter
Lemon and semolina chicken tajine
Country Cheese – Pineapple Cake

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